Tiny Hand Till' I Collapse
Till' I Collapse
Hold me, Wrap me up.


have u ever had a depersonalization moment when you look at yourself in the mirror and think wow this person is me and i have this body and this life and everything feels so strange why am i me and not someone else

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constantly getting told you’re lazy and that you’re not trying hard enough when you’re trying your hardest is probably one of the most hurtful feelings ever  

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Call your mother. Tell her you love her. Remember you’re the only person who knows what her heart sounds like from the inside.
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You told me to trust you but I’m still coughing up water from the last time you let me drown.
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She will cry. She will cry until her throat hurts and her eyes can’t stay open. She will cry for hours on end until she finally collects herself, only to burst into tears again a second later. She will cry until she thinks she will never be able to get over him, never be able to feel whole again. But one day, she will pick herself up, hold her head high, and walk into the distance, and she’ll never look back… not even once.
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you can’t keep fucking someone over, and expect them to still be there for you.
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if we could decide who we loved it would be a lot simpler, but much less magical